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Web Design:

Patrick - Webmaster (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, XML, HTML)

Graphic Design:

Patrick - Assorted Graphics

Rob - Assorted Graphics

u44151 - Custom Pokémon Sprites

SmartAss - Custom Pokémon Sprites

Kyledove - Base Map Tiles

Chris - Map Design

Jacin / Masqeurain3 - Map Design

Jolt/Blitzkrieg - Custom Sprites

N-Kin / Zermonious / Lydario / GeoisEvil / Xtreme1992 / noscium / zerudez / Quanyails / pokesprietie / Leparagon / Gnomowladny / Gothica-the-eevee - 6th Generation Pokémon Sprites

All other sprites are based off those of Pokémon Black and White.

Ancient, Dark, Mystic, Metallic and Shadow sprites were made by us and are therefore our own. Do not distribute without our permission.

Rotom halloween was made by Nova and is not to be used on any sites other than and

Shiny Castform Fire, Ice and Water sprites were made by AJ~ and are not to be used on any sites other than and

Darkrown was designed by Esepibe and sprited by Rob.

Celebi (Eternal) Was designed by Xous54 and sprited by Rob.

All Pokemon fan art images are drawn by Xous54

Custom overworld sprites were made by 874521.

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