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Sign up for Version 4 of Pokémon Vortex Battle Arena, the true spiritual successor to The Pokémon Crater!
You can own and battle Pokémon online, and the best part is that it's 100% FREE!
This version brings you a modern new look providing new Pokémon, smoother gameplay, and even more new in-game features!



The Dragon God

Pokémon Vortex's next special event is here! The previously unreleased Arceus (Dragon) has been released on the Dragon map. Don't miss out on your chance to encounter this extremely rare Pokémon and add it to your collection.
1 month ago

The Road to Galar!

Grookey, Sobble & Scorbunny are here! Catch them on their elemental maps and add these newly added Galar Pokémon to your collection.
Meltan is also now available on the electric maps so be sure to stop by there on your travels as well!
2 months ago


The Dratinis are back! v4.3.x brings the long-awaited dragon map to Pokémon Vortex and along with it comes some familiar and loved Pokémon. Read more about this update in the changelog.
3 months ago

Mr. Rime!

Dive in to a whole new take on the Pokémon Vortex world as you've never seen it before. Chase your friends and find yourself a Mr. Rime, the first Galar Pokémon to come to Vortex!
4 months ago


Pokérus has come to Pokémon Vortex and it's spreading fast! But, it's not all bad news, we hear Pokémon that have the virus will grow twice as fast! Read more on the in-game dashboard.
4 months ago
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Weird Frillish for Sneasel or Sobble

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The two ultra beast

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