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The long awaited feature, Saved Teams is finally here!
Bundled with some other small quality of life changes and bug fixes.
Find out more here.
4 days ago

Meloetta's Last Serenade

Meloetta (Pirouette) is making it's debut appearance in Pokémon Vortex!
Can you form a band of Pokémon and summon this mythical Pokémon?
Head over to the event center to find out more.
3 weeks ago

Hisuian Update

The Hisui region has arrived! Zorua (Hisuian), Enamorus and friends are now spawning across the Vortex world in this update plus more!
Read more here.
3 weeks ago

May the Fourth Be With You!

It's that time of year again for the Star Wars cosplayers. This year, starting May 4th, all six previous year's Pokémon will be returning in various locations.
Read more here.
1 month ago

Happy Valentine's!

Keep an eye on PokéBay auctions this Valentine's. Starting Feb 10th at 00:00 GMT, Love Sweets will be listed at random intervals until Feb 14th, followed by Furfrou (Heart) exclusive auctions.
3 months ago
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