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Season Changes for April

We have some exciting changes being made to our seasonal leaderboard for you competitive players who love to grind!
You can find out all about it in this post on our forums.
2 weeks ago

Sweet Love

Alcremie (Love) is making its way to Vortex! Look out on PokéBay for Love Sweet auctions to use on your Milcery and get this limited time Pokémon.
Furfrou (Heart) will also be making its yearly rounds so don't miss out!
2 months ago

Merry Christmas!

Caterpie (Christmas) has returned with some new evolutions!
Route 14 & 15 have become a temporary home for this festive Pokémon along with some other goodies happening elsewhere such as double exp and Star Sweets in PokéBay auctions!
4 months ago
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